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7-Day C by C Evaluation

A WECS, Inc. 7-Day C by C Evaluation is what most academic institutions and agencies request. It contains all elements required by universities, alternative education agencies, attorney’s, military, licensing boards, and others. This evaluation does not have a limit on the number of degrees one holds. It contains the course listing, level of the course (secondary {H}, undergraduate {LL or UL}, graduate {G} or post-graduate {PG}), credits, grades, total credit hours, grade point average (calculated on a 4.0 scale), U.S. equivalency report and indicates who accredits the university in the mother country.

All of WECS, Inc.’s hard files are kept for a period of 5 years, however, the evaluations are always available for a fee. Certain information is required so that we may access your evaluations.

Electronic Delivery is available to academic institution, licensing boards, and any agency requesting the evaluation. It is also available to our clients. (Clients must call for more information.)

7-Day Evaluations are ready within 7 working days, once we receive all required documents and if research is not required.

Please note that once an evaluation has been completed, the fees are not refundable.