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Adding Additional Certification

I already have a standard Texas teaching certification and I want to add additional certifications. A teacher who holds an appropriate Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree may add classroom certification areas by successfully completing the appropriate certification examination(s) for the area(s) sought.

Certification by examination is not available for:

– Initial certification

– Career and technology certification based on skill and work experience

– A class of certificate other than classroom teacher (e.g. School Counselor, Principal, Superintendent, Learning Resources/School Librarian, Educational Diagnostician)

– A certificate for which no certification examination has been developed.

To apply online for additional certification based on examination, click here.

Certified in Another State or Country

If I am certified in another state or country, how do I become certified in Texas?

Teachers from other states or countries who hold acceptable credentials from their home state or country can gain certification in Texas by passing the appropriate Texas certification tests. For more information,click here.

Some out-of-state teachers can gain certification in Texas based on the certification tests they took in another state, if SBEC has found those tests to be similar to and at least as rigorous as equivalent Texas tests. SBEC began the process of reviewing other state’s tests in fall 2001. For an overview of this review process and a list of the out-of-state tests reviewed to date, click here.

To review information on comparable out-of-state tests, click here.